Keloid Pressure Earrings Near Me

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Keloid Pressure Earrings Near Me. Dark Wire Wrapped Clip-on Earrings about 12mm Handmade in USA by Earlums. You will receive a pair of magnetic earrings as follows4 total discs.

Pin On Keloid Scar Treatment
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Zimmer splints can be used as a pressure treatment for ear keloids following steroid injection. The easiest place to get them is from padgett medical. Twist pressure the discs with your fingers to tighten them on the ear lobe.

They will only put pressure on the ear lobes by twistpressing the spiral discs with your fingers for optimal tightness.

Triamnicolone acetonide 40 mgml is used at our clinic for the effective keloid treatment. Because of how its made and the type of wire used you will be able to adjust the earring. 22 An added benefit is that the flexible aluminum splints can be decorated to look like jewelry. 6-8-10-12-15-19-21-25mm Strong pair of Magnetic Keloid Pressure Earrings reversible unisex black silver or golden tone disc earrings.