How To Take Out Threadless Earrings

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How To Take Out Threadless Earrings. If your top easily slides in and out of the hollow post you need to bend the thin piece a bit more to create more resistance. Rub the disinfectant through your hands and let it air dry.

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Grab the ball with your free hand. LABRETS Labrets have a flat back and have either an internally threaded shown top externally threaded top or a threadless top. Pull out a front stud from the front.

Threadless jewelry is easy to remove and install yourself.

Only remove your earrings after the amount of time recommended by your piercer usually at least six weeks. I have a Neometal threadless labret stud in my nostril that was put in by my piercer and I cant get this thing out for the life of me. Once the ball or end is free slide the jewelry out of the piercing. If you were pierced at a tattoopiercing shop and with a needle most likely the earring that they pierced with was a gauged earring which is thicker than yo.