How To Sublimate Earrings

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How To Sublimate Earrings. 6 Pairs Sublimation Earrings Blanks. 240 seconds medium pressure.

Pin On Sublimation Blank Earrings
Pin On Sublimation Blank Earrings from

SUBSTRATE PRESS TIME TEMPERATURE PRESSURE TIPS TRICKS Ceramic Mugs 150 - 210 Seconds 370F - 400F 40 PSI Medium Start timer countdown when mug and mug-. 70 seconds These Sublimation Blanks Earrings suitable for heat press transfer. For best results when pressing ceramic products we recommend to NOT USE Teflon sheets.

Today Ill be showing you how I sublimate on ton wood.

Remove the protective film on the aluminium insert. Press for 50 seconds at 385 degrees. Blank Sublimation Teardrop earrings for Sublimation. Sublimation TutorialThis is a quick tutorial on how I sublimate earrings.