How To Clean Your Diamond Earrings

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How To Clean Your Diamond Earrings. How to Clean Diamond Earrings Best Way to Clean Diamond RingDiamond earrings become dull and dirty through frequent wear. Use the Toothbrush and Cloth to Clean With the toothbrush and cloth gently brush and rub any buildup off the stones and backings.

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Rinse the diamond earrings and pat dry with a clean cloth Rinse the earrings in clean warm water before patting them dry with a cloth. If you have say a pair of stud earrings that you wear daily the ideal way to clean it is by. Since dirt normally builds up at the edges and the back of the ring in normal usage you might want to give these areas an extra scrub.

Place your diamond jewelry in your bowl and let it.

You can soak the earrings in the container for 20 minutes followed by a rigorous cleaning with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Use Ammonia and Cold Water to Loosen Dirt. They pick up oil from your skin. Soak the diamond in a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid.