Gold Earrings Irritate My Ears

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Gold Earrings Irritate My Ears. It is rare that a company will tell you what the alloyed metals are and for that reason it is risky to purchase gold earrings if you have sensitive ears. Ears can get sore if you have an allergy to some metal like gold platinum silver.

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Crusty Ears After Wearing Earrings Is It Normal A Fashion. These gorgeous drop earrings are a splurge but theyre made of real gold 18-karat gold-plated gold vermeil. How to make cheap earrings wearable for sensitive skin.

Turns out sensitive ears are a common problem and in many cases are caused by base metals in the jewelry.

Pure Gold Sterling Silver Platinum and Titanium Having an allergic reaction to your pierced earrings is usually only a problem with cheaper jewelry. I have always had the most sensitive ears but despite that I love wearing fashion earnings that you can pick up for cheap at stores like Target Forever 21 etc. Yes Heavy Earrings Can Permanently Stretch Out Your Earlobes Self. Most earrings are made with metal either pure or in an alloyed state a mix of more than one metal.