Elaine Benes Earrings

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Elaine Benes Earrings. The costume designer also made the claim that Elaines valuable baubles led to Seinfeld being the only show on network TV with a jewelry safe. Vintage 90s Sleeveless Elaine Benes Style Ankle Length Shirt Dress Black with Blue Floral Pattern Elastic Scrunchy Buttoned Accent at Back Waist Condition.

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Vintage 90s Elaine Benes Style Black Floral Ankle Length Sleeveless Shirt Dress M. Elaine Benes from Seinfeld earrings. The whereabouts of Elaines impressive jewelry collection is unknown.

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Jul 3 2014 - Photo. She accessorizes with beaded bracelets and a few long necklaces. Simmons said Elaine wore Wendy Brigode pearl and stone necklaces drop earrings and gold or platinum chains from Cathy Carmendy. Earrings that are dangling off the earlobes of several politicians lawmakers and activists around our country.