Earrings In The Workplace Law

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Earrings In The Workplace Law. Women should have no issues wearing earrings in the workplace. A male warehouse employee who was fired for wearing an earring could not sue for sex discrimination even though an unwritten policy allowed female workers to wear similar jewelry a State Supreme Court has held.

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The position under current case law is that an employer can enforce a dress code requiring different styles of appearance between men and women provided that the employer applies a comparable or equivalent standard of smartness. Some require clothing styles color etc. An employer may forbid employees from wearing or revealing items that would detract from the employers clean neat and professional public persona or image.

I being a male also have my ears pierced.

An employer may adopt a personal appearance policy to support its desired public image including prohibiting male employees from wearing earrings. Unlike men women are free from any earring wearing stigma. The present state of the law allows employers to impose grooming restrictions or rules which may prohibit men from wearing earrings piercings and even tattoos. The regulation on this is that the earrings can be no bigger than dime sized.