Earrings For Men Meaning

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Earrings For Men Meaning. If a boy has a girlfriend wearing a earring on in his left ear shows means that he tries to express a special romantic and sincere emotion to her and also means the girl is the favorite person of the boy. In ancient times men wore earrings in places like Assyria and Babylonia to denote their rank in society.

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Hoops this large are a stretch even for women. Earrings have been worn by people in different civilizations and historic periods often with cultural significance. Of course we cant deny that there are some boys wear earrings on left ear just for looking cool and handsome.

The notion of the right ear rule in which heterosexual men pierce only their right ear and homosexual men.

Barbells are definitely a bolder choice than a stud and give a rocknroll vibe. In the mid-80s it was sported by Rob Lowe in St. In his book The Naked Man. Locations for piercings other than the earlobe include the rook tragus and across the helix.