Earring Post Broke

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Earring Post Broke. They did the trick. Get it as soon as Mon Jul 19.

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As the holes heal they produce fluid and the skin tightens making it difficult to remove the earrings at first. The best way to fix bent earring posts is to gently straighten them using a pair of pliers or gently tapping the post back into place with a mallet. How do you reattach the post from a broken silver pierced earring.

Look at your earring closely to diagnose what is wrong.

Never let missing posts make you abandon your favorite pair of earrings again. If you accidentally break off the post while straightening it you can take it to a jeweler so they can solder it back together or you can solder it yourself at home. The damage done to each type can vary. You may need to use tweezers if your fingers are too clumsy to hold the post.