Earring Hole Split Open

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Earring Hole Split Open. Most split earlobes occur gradually due to large or heavy earrings. This totally limits your choices in which earrings to wear.

Split Earlobe Kalpana Aesthetics
Split Earlobe Kalpana Aesthetics from kalpanaaesthetics.com

Not only is this unattractive its hard on your ears and ear holes. When you keep an earring long enough between the two edges the skin epithelializes around it meaning that the open wound heals so its like. Rondenos right ear piercing is now a long sagging hole and her left ear lobe split completely.

Split earlobe repairs are very common short and rather standard procedures lasting about an hour or two.

There are many causes of split earlobes and widened ear piercing holes. A torn earhole leaves a permanent split in the earlobe which will no longer be able to hold an earring or gauge. On January 03 2020. Using your fingers gently pinch the sides of your earlobes and lightly pull in opposite directions.