Can You Sleep In Diamond Earrings

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Can You Sleep In Diamond Earrings. The primary reason why this happens for most people is that some of the smaller stud or loop earrings are quite small lightweight and very comfortable in the ear such that after having the earrings on throughout the day it feels as if the earrings are part of who you are and since you dont get fabric or hair caught up in the earrings often it feels almost natural to walk into the shower with the earrings on and. Many people with newly pierced ears particularly small children wear sleeper earrings in the form of smooth studs.

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This is both a yes and a no. While its generally recommended to sleep with your hair loose and free from any elastic bands this isnt the case when sleeping with earrings on. Better to be proactive and not allow any damage to occur rather than fix it after it does.

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If you dont want to take them off there are some ways you comfortably sleep with your earrings such as using specialty backings changing your sleep position and replacing your pillow. The answer to this question is an absolute Yes. They are easy-wear studs to use for nose and lip piercing. The general rule of thumb is to avoid sleeping in earrings with one exception.