Can I Take My Earring Out After 1 Week

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Can I Take My Earring Out After 1 Week. Fortunately ear piercings are one of the fastest piercings to heal in your body. Once you know the consequences you really want to avoid taking your earrings off too soon.

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To clean your piercing use mild soap and water. If your ears are newly pierced it is best not to remove your earrings immediately. I would be surprised if you would even be able to replace your earrings having taken them out after only one week.

Introducing other earrings might result in inflammation.

Removing the earrings before the healing period has passed will just prolong the process. You may also have to change your sleeping position to avoid putting your. How To Clean A New Ear Piercing 6 Mistakes Avoid. Secondly if the piercing has fully or partially closed you should wait at.