Bellarri Earrings

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Bellarri Earrings. Each piece is created as its own work of art to be given its own unique interpretation by the individual who wears it. As an Artist Bellarri never follows the masses - she pushes the envelope in design to create pieces never before dreamt possible.

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Most of these pieces are from the Madam B collection. BELLARRI is known for its a bold look and for unusually artistic designs. Each distinctive design tells its own story and it is up to you to tell it.

Approximately 14mm in height x 6mm width.

Approximately 14mm in height x 6mm width. Approximately 45mm in total height x 9mm at widest point. There should be at least 2 products to compare. Bellarri colored gemstone designs are meant to enrich and enhance the treasured moments of your life.